Images of waders, including oystercathers, dunlin and curlew amongst others. These birds all have long beaks and feed by probing sandy and muddy shores for animals buried below.
SBW001: Flock of Knots
SBW002: Flock of Knots
SBW003: Knots landing
SWB014: Shorebirds
SWB018: Wet curlew
SBW004: Dunlin Pair
SBW005: Dunlin
SBW006: Feeding Dunlin
SBW015: Oystercatcher Front
SBW015: Oystercatcher Preening
SBW013: Oystercatcher
SBW008: Oystercatcher
SBW009: Oystercatchers
SBW010: Oystercatchers
SWB017: Turnstone
SBW011: Turnstones
SWB013: Curlew
SWB016: Curlew
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