Rest of the World

Photographs brought back from all across the seven seas!
South Florida portfolioWildlife photographs from South Florida, taken through 2016 - 2017.New Zealand (Wellington & South Island) portfolioI visited New Zealand for the 13th International Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in December 2012 in Wellington, and was able to spend 10 days afterwards exploring a bit of of the South Island and its wildlife.
Red Sea / Sinai Peninsula portfolioImages taken while supervising on the Tropical Marine Ecology field course to Dahab, Egypt. Angola (W. Africa) portfolioIn 2012, I visited Angola as part of my PhD and it was an incredible experience. To say it is a country of two extremes is putting it mildly...
Sweden (Kosterhavet National Park) portfolioBack in 2011 when I was just starting my PhD, I travelled to Tjarno, Sweden to spend 5 weeks doing some field work in the Kosterhavet National Park. While the research work didn't quite work out as we'd hoped, it was a beautiful place to photograph the local wildlife.