Gulls and Kittiwakes

A gallery of gull and kittiwake images from around the UK.
SBG001: Silhouette
SBG002: Black-backed gull
SBG003: Black-backed gull
SBG032: Gull & Chick
SBG007: Gull chick
SBG008: Herring Gull
SBG012: Herring Gull
SGB004: Gull with spurdog
SBG031: Splash landing
SBG013: Herring Gull
SBG010: Herring Gull Chick
SBG009: Herring Gull Hatchling
SBG033: Gulls
SBG006: Gulls fighting
SBG017: Black-Headed Gull
SBG030: Black-Headed Gull
SBG026: Nesting Kittiwakes
SBG033: Kittiwake & Chick
SBG029: Kittiwake
SBG024: Kittiwake
SBG022: Juvenile Kittiwake
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