"Creel to Meal" (Glasgow Science Festival)

The photographs in this portfolio were commissioned by the Glasgow Science Festival for their 2015 event "From Creel to Meal". This event was a celebration of sustainable Scottish seafood, and these photographs were taken to document the journey seafood takes from the sea to your plate.
GSF001 - Hauling the creels
GSF002 - Hauling the creels
GSF003 - Creel Contents
GSF004 - Processing the catch
GSF005 - Debbie
GSF006 - Taking measurements
GSF007 - Langoustines in hands
GSF008 - Langoustines & Squat lobsters
GSF009 - BBQ Langoustine
GSF010 - Scampi supper
GSF011- Grilled Langoustines
GSF012 - Finishing touches
GSF013 - Plating
GSF014 - Langoustine dinner
GSF015 - End of the Meal