This gallery contains images of Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus) which have all been taken around the Scottish coast.
SBG049: Gannet in flight
SBG050: Feeding Frenzy
SBG046: Adult diving
SBG001: Aerial Acrobatics
SBG006: Diving Sequence
SBG004: Diving
SBG005: Diving
SBG027: Diving Turn
SBG030: Diving
SBG028: Diving
SBG029: Diving
SBG008: Juvenile Diving
SBG007: Diving
SBG032: Portrait
SBG056: Landing
SBG055: Landing
SBG063: Graceful
SBG054: Landing
SBG013: Gannet in Flight
SBG012: Gannet in Flight
SBG003: Young gannet in flight
SBG024: Gannet takeoff
SBG035: Juvenile in Flight
SBG002: Scaring a fulmar
SBG037: Adult portrait
SBG52: Adult portrait
SBG058: Nap time
SBG060: Chick portrait
SBG053: Sky pointing
SBG047: Sky pointing
SBG057: Sky pointing practice
SBG041: Bill fencing
SBG040: Parent & Chick
SBG039: Parent & Chick
SBG038: Chick in nest
SBG059: Adult and chick
SBG061: Adult gannet
SBG041: Gannet colony
SBG042: Gannet colony
SBG043: Gannet colony
SBG044: Gannet colony
SBG051: Gannets at sea
SBG064: Photography
SBG062: Bass Rock & lighthouse
SBG045: Dead gannet chick
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