Some photographs of Fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis) from around Scotland. These birds have a keen sense of small and are often the first scavengers to arrive at a feeding spot.
SBF015: Fulmar flock
SBF012: Fulmar wave
SBF010: Flight
SBF009: Flight
SBF003: Fulmar
SBF007: Portrait
SBF004: Landing
SBF005: Landing
SBF016: Sleeping fulmar
SBF006: Landing
SBF008: Landing
SBF001: Fulmar
SBF002: Fulmar on wave
SBF003: Far more than 50 shades of grey
SBF004: Fulmar in Flight
SBF017: Tilty fulmars
SBF011: Fulmar chaos
SBF014: Fulmars in flight
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