Creel (Trap) Fisheries

Images from the Scottish fishing industry, from vessels using pots and creels to capture the target species. This method of fishing catches far fewer animals than other methods such as trawling or dredging for a similar amount of time and effort, but the animals are generally of high quality and the environmental impact of the gear on the seabed is virtually nil.
HCF005: Lobster and fishermen
HCF015: Working the pots
HCF017: Working the pots
HCF014: Working the pots
HCF013: Working the pots
HCF016: Working the pots
HCF009: Creel catch
HCF011: Lobster catch
HCF009: Brown Crabs
HCF010: Landing crabs
HCF002: Live langoustines
HCF007: Brown Crabs
HCF006: Velvet crabs
HCF004: Creeled lobsters
HCF012: Kirkwall harbour
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