Angola (W. Africa)

One of the projects I have been involved with through my PhD involved analysing data collected from a deep-sea observatory platform off Angola. In 2012, I had the chance to visit the country myself during the annual servicing of the module. To say it is a country of two extremes is putting it mildly...
ANG012: Hyacinth crab
ANG007: Fiddler crab
ANG008: Ghost crab
ANG020: Water hyacinth
ANG005: Drying nets
ANG004: Cows in road
ANG014: On the road
ANG011: Walk home
ANG018: Street food
ANG016: Evening fishing
ANG019: Sunset
ANG006: Ferry
ANG017: Street football
ANG015: Luanda market
ANG002: Luanda market
ANG001: Luanda (aerial)
ANG013: Luanda
ANG010: New Govt. Building
ANG003: Copacabana Strip